You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped With My Boy become a reality
“We are thrilled that the moms and sons who enjoy our mother and son matching outfits know that they are getting handmade, quality keepsake outfits  and accessories worthy of celebrating this special mom-and-son bond.”
– Cath Yang
Designer  &  Mom-Pamperer  
Mother of One Endearing Boy 

We are thrilled that the moms and sons who enjoy our mom and son matching wear know that they are getting handmade, quality keepsake outfits  and accessories worthy of celebrating this special mom and son bond.


Before I created With My Boy, I felt that something was missing. I really wanted to celebrate motherhood and this special mother  and son bond that I am soooooooooooooo grateful for. It took us four long years of medication, miscarriages and more needles to have him and I really wanted to announce this indescribable happiness and love, and to rejoice in it everyday and celebrate it.

In a symbolic way, I started wearing matching colours or T-shirts to match my beautiful boy, but I was somewhat restricted by the limited choices in boys clothing. And, I feel that we should celebrate not just our beautiful bond, but also our individualities… his ever-growing and changing personality, and my femininity and strength that motherhood represents. I want both my son and myself to dress up matching, look good and feel good. I decided I needed to create this brand to celebrate the special mom and son bond.

I was concerned initially if I am the only one, who actually wanted this.


But then…

I shared the idea to my mother’s group and saw the moms with boys look excited and their eyes lit up. They beamed at the idea. They would love to wear dresses and yet in matching outfits with their son, too. They, too, envied moms with daughters, who were spoiled for fashion choices.

I now have a mission to create the most stylish, yet comfortable matching mom-and-son clothing for moms with boys.

It turns out…

the road was more challenging than I imagined.

While designing a feminine and stylish number, I had to make sure that the material and key design I chose addresses the boys’ need to be active, roll in the mud, play tug-of-war, climb trees and perspire a lot. Yes, it needed to work for our boys! I have come to realise, we have two very different customers. But, I really wanted to celebrate this bond through matching wear, while also preserving the individualities of moms and sons.

In the end…

It was my insistence to pamper moms and ensure comfortable wear that helped solve my challenge. With My Boy has since followed these rules. All fabrics are sourced and tested for comfort before every set begins with a design for the mom first (yay!) and then, a playful interpretation for the son.


Our first With My Boy Designer Range was released at the end of 2016 and I was quite hesitant about the moms’ responses initially. We are talking about fun matching sets… not T-shirts. We are talking about moms who are wearing stylish dresses and skirts to playdates and parks…

Deep breath…

We released our first products… and the response has been phenomenal. Moms with sons loved them and said this was what they always wanted. I even had a mom with a daughter telling me she would love to wear my matching fashionable sets with her daughter, too. I could not be more humbled by the responses and photos of mom-and-son(s) in our outfits that I received to this day.  Thank you so much!

Here’s our lil’ journey since 2016…