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You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped With My Boy become a reality
“We are thrilled that the moms and sons who enjoy our mother and son matching outfits know that they are getting handmade, quality keepsake outfits  and accessories worthy of celebrating this special mom-and-son bond.”
– Catherine Yang
Designer  &  Mom-Pamperer  
Mother of One Endearing Boy 

Hello! Thank you for dropping by. I love delighting moms and sons for their special moments since 2016. I am thrilled knowing that the moms and sons who enjoy their mother and son matching outfits know that they are handmade, quality keepsake outfits and accessories worthy of celebrating their special mom-and-son bond. I have placed priority in both comfort and style in all my  pieces to ensure that you and your lil’ one enjoy your matching day out in style and comfort.

2020 has been a humbling year for me. While the struggle during lockdowns and separation from my family can be unbearable sometimes, I can’t help feeling grateful that my family and I are all safe and living well. For this gratitude, I would like to serve the families, who some have experienced hardships since the bushfires in 2019 and more during this global pandemic. I know FoodBank Australia has been providing relief and warmth to struggling families, and I would love to pledge 5% of our apparel collections sale from December 2020 towards FoodBank. My hope is that more families in need can feel the warmth.

When you shop at With My Boy, I hope you, too, feel grateful that you are giving back to humanity as part of your purchase goes towards contributing to FoodBank, NSW RFSA, Indigenous Literacy Foundation, or Taronga Conservation Society Australia.

Continue to wake up every morning and smile, because we have so much to be thankful for in life… we know we are blessed when we can still give.