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Sun Bucket Hats – Spirit People 2 by Denise Doolan


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According to Aboriginal mythology, before creation time there was nothing in the universe. No light, no human beings or animals, no trees or any vegetation. The soil was soft, one day their forefathers sprung up from underneath the soil. They decided to create the necessary things for future generations. Soon they started creating roads, gardens, trees, etc. They gradually built most of the necessary things for future generations. Two rainbow snakes were guarding their creations when the spirit people were getting tired in the evening.

Spirit people gather together and take rest in the evening. They discuss their works, drink, eat and dance. They make rules for future generations to maintain social harmony. The understanding of aboriginal spirituality is fundamental to maintain social order, respect for elders and maintain peace in the community.

Denise Doolan is a meticulous designer. She has depicted the Spirit People uniquely. They are dancing and meeting others excellently. She created the meeting place excellently by drawing the walking paths, men & women walking in a peaceful gathering.

-Hats are designed and handcrafted in Sydney
-Made with 100% premium quality lightweight breathable cotton, with natural UV protection properties
-Foldable wide brim sun bucket hats, with adjustable straps
-Fabrics are pre-shrunk so that the hats wouldn’t shrink when you machine wash them in a gentle cycle
-Only authentic Aboriginal Artist’s artworks are considered in our designs
-Free Shipping within Australia with over AUD100. Standard overseas shipping applies at checkout
-5% of sales proceed goes to your selected choice of causes

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Hat Size (Children & Adults)

38cm, 48cm, 52cm, 54cm, 58cm

Organisation to Support

Foodbank, Indigenous Literacy Foundation, NSW Rural Fire Service Association, Taronga Conservation Society Australia


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